Class LongBigListSignedStringMap

All Implemented Interfaces:
StringMap<CharSequence>, Function<CharSequence,Long>, Object2LongFunction<CharSequence>, Size64, Serializable, Function<CharSequence,Long>, ToLongFunction<CharSequence>

@Deprecated public class LongBigListSignedStringMap extends AbstractObject2LongFunction<CharSequence> implements StringMap<CharSequence>, Serializable
There are much better and faster hash functions.
A string map based on a function signed using a big list of longs.

The purpose of this map is identical to that of a ShiftAddXorSignedStringMap, but Shift-Add-Xor signatures are 64-bit and stored in a LongBigList. This approach makes it possible to store the signatures in a file and read them by memory mapping using a LongMappedBigList. If the map has a very large number of keys but the access pattern is strongly skewed towards a relatively small number of entries, using memory mapping might be advantageous.

The intended usage pattern is as follows:

To simplify the process, there is a constructor that will do the mapping for you.

Sebastiano Vigna
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