Class HTMLFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Deprecated public class HTMLFactory extends Object implements ParsingFactory
This class is obsolete and kept around for backward compatibility only.
A parsing factory for (X)HTML.

Warning: for maximum flexibility, the methods of this factory do not perform case normalisation. If you are parsing HTML, you are invited to downcase your names before accessing getElement(MutableString) and getAttribute(MutableString).

This class is a singleton, and its only instance is accessible using the public field INSTANCE.

The relationship between this class and Element/Attribute is a bit twisted due to the need to accomodate two features:

  • (X)HTML interned objects must be accessible directly (see, e.g., Element.A);
  • (X)HTML interned objects must be put into suitable name-to-object maps.

To this purpose, this class exports packagewise some static factory methods that create Elements and Attributes and register them locally. The static initialisation code in Element and Attribute creates elements such as Element.A using the abovementioned factory methods.